Tipi (english)


The english translation of Tipi : Technique d'identification sensorielle des peurs inconscientes.
Author : Luc Nicon
Publication date : November 2010
First publication in French : June 2007
210 pages
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Within the context of a research protocol about unconscious fears, out of 278 suffering from phobias, depression, inhibition, irritability and anxiety, only 2% did not reach full healing of their emotional handicap. For 79% of the participants, healing was achieved after one single session. Of the remaining 19%, only very exceptionally were more than two sessions required to achieve the same result.
These figures may appear outrageous because of the phenomenal outcome, yet they are the result of this study, which was carried out in complete transparency by the association and is presented in this book.
Nevertheless, far more than a new therapeutic approach, Luc Nicon reveals to us a true revolution in the way we perceive the emotional functioning of humans. Through this study, the events experienced in the pre-natal period turn out to be decisive for the origin of our fears, of our emotional suffering, and more generally, in the construction of our personality.
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Luc Nicon, expert in pedagogy and behavioral communication, is the author of Understanding One’s Emotions, which was published in 2003. Today he dedicates his time to the training of therapists and to new research based on the discoveries concerning the origin of unconscious fears.
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